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After Business Plan, What next?

Saturday, December 18, 2004
Logical step after preparing a business plan, is to approach the Venture Capitalists, but we will take a diversion. I will talk about this diversion in a moment.

For those who tuned in late, I am in process of starting a "Virtual" dotcom company, that will do business in RFID based solutions. So far I have done brainstorming about various technologies and selected RFID as the technology of choice. Next I announced the project, which this virtual company will be pursuing. A business start-up needs a path to proceed forward, so the next step was to discuss business plan. You can read all these steps in the archives or from the index on your left.

The diversion I was talking about is selecting RFID vendors for the company. In coming week, I will be evaluating RFID vendors. As BusinessWorks intends to be a complete RFID solution provider, evaluation of RFID vendors is essential. Process of evaluation will consider factors like compatibility, frequency range, costs, feasibility of creating middleware solutions, security features, tag memory and functionality and many more factors. My goal, after evaluating RFID vendors, would be to select two vendors and form a strategic partnerships with them. This is essential to conduct my business with end users, so I might as well conduct this research next.

This evaluation will be free publicity for the vendors, I wonder if they will be nice enough to provide real RFID test kits. That is a wishful thinking ofcourse. We will have to depend on theoretical evaluation of RFIDs.

I would like to invite my readers to help in this evaluation, especially if they are technically inclined.
12/18/2004 02:30:00 PM :: ::
  • If you do receive actual hardware to evaluate, I am available to help.

    at December 20, 2004 11:28 AM  


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