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The Circle of Information

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
First there was light, then there was a Light Bulb controlled by a switch, then came Internet and the light bulb was still controlled by a switch, finally Pervasive internet will come and control the Light Bulb.

This is the vision of Pervasive Internet. This next version of Internet is destined to control :

* Industrial - Capital Equipment, Automation & Control Equipment
* Power - Meters, Distributed Generators, Electricity Grid and Pipelines
* Healthcare - Medical Devices
* Home / Consumer - Game Systems, Consumer Electronics, Appliances
* Buildings / Facilities - Access Controls, Office Equipment, HVAC / Environmental Systems
* Retail - Lighting & Refrigeration Systems, Scanners & Registers
* Transportation - Vehicles, Airplanes, & Intermodal Transport

This congregation of Internet with the smart devices will create a serious shift in the advancement of the digital revolution - forming a comprehensive "digital neural net".

Imagine a large office building in future, completely auotmated, bootstrapped with thousands of Wireless sensors of all types. Temperature sensors monitoring the temperature outside and inside the building and sending information to the computer that controls the HVAC / Environment systems. Light sensors monitoring sunlight to turn on the lights inside and outside the building via the computer. Motion sensors guarding the building in the night. Well, all these things are available in one form or other, right now, so what is new here?

Futuristic buildings of today need to be pre-wired with these sensors. Even after pre-wiring, most of the networks in the building are disconnected and do not operate in unison, cannot communicate with each other. So what will change when Pervasive Internet kicks in?

All sensors will be wireless and networked with each other to effectively communicate with computer to convey the data needed for achieving the level of integration and control needed to completely automate the management of the building.
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