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The Big Idea!

Monday, November 01, 2004
"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game." - Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

With this said, let me present the outline of Product and Services that Businessworks Inc will be providing to the industry:

Objective:Develop a wireless system that can manage and track vehicles, tools and other assets either on a shopfloor or anywhere in city or larger areas.

Description:A complete solution is to be developed for tracking vehicles or tools using wireless locators. Matching of those vehicles or tools with the task being performed, and ensuring the availability and accountability of tools using a management system is a must. Wireless locators are small devices that can be attached to pieces of vehicles or tools to know their whereabouts at all times. These small devices will automatically alert the network if tampered with or removed. We will develop the solution based on two types of systems that wirelessly track the assets. One will use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and cell phone technology to report the location. The other one uses the less expensive radio frequency identification (RFID) for tracking. A tracker who wants to discover the location of a trackee should be able to submit a request through a web page on the server or using a phone to talk to the server.

In the GPS-based system, the server then "calls" the locator, asks for a position fix, and then draws a map showing the current location of the tracking device. In the RFID-based system, the location is identified by an array of antennas that sense the location of small tags with built-in radio transmitters. Although RFID systems lack the ubiquitous coverage of GPS-based technology, but the cost of RFID systems can be much less. Backend Management software will be common to both technologies except for the interface portion.

This proposed solution, based on either GPS or RFID, will include asset management, attempt to match tools with specific repairs, match vehicles with destinations, path optimization, practicality of path selected and driver management. Process will preclude data mining to allow predictive analysis on the usage of vehicles and tools. By combining the current asset tracking technologies with process management software and a work portal, we can ensure that tools are always available and maintain a relationship between tool and task, vehicle is always being used for task assigned and is on proper path. Such a system helps in capturing the knowledge about vehicle and tool usage in the context of a task, in addition to tracking and managing the assets on a large shop floor or larger cities or beyond.
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