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The Management Team

Friday, November 12, 2004
Steve Rucinski of Small Business CEO visited my blog today and provided some constructive criticism, good tips and pointers. Thanks Steve! I appreciate it very much. He also suggested to provide an explanation about what problem my business idea will solve. I will writing a special post for this explanation soon. Now onto today's topic of the Management Team.

The Management Team can make or break the company. People will be most important assets in our company and they will treated with utmost care and will be provided with best possible resources. Our Management team will be techincally savvy and will have keen business sense. They must posses excellent ability to market company's capabilities, and must have earned an enviable reputation for quality and innovation. Team will build a network of contacts among the top levels of biggest customers. Team must have rare ability to see new trends coming and should be agile enough to adjust to take advantage of them.

Generally an entrepreneur is technically savvy himself and when he/she gets involved in managing a company, he/she gets tied up between managing and performing technical tasks. However in our case, situation is unique. Although I am technically inclined, my main focus will be managing and developing business along with professional management team. I will not commit the mistake of trying to manage everything and end up achieving nothing. However top caliber management team comes with a price tag and I am willing to pay that price to get such a team.
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