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Omaha - A Billionaire building City?

Monday, August 15, 2005
My friend Jerry, passed an article to me from USA Today, Monday August 8, 2005 Edition about Omaha. This article is very interesting, so I thought of sharing with you, my readers. Although New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco boast of top 3 three positions in terms of number of billionaires, Omaha is eighth in terms of "per 1 million people", which is way above Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Apart from numbers game, Omaha is a wonderful place for many things like raising a family, creating billionaires and generating entrepreneurs like me :-). Omaha has so far given 4 actors, 1 president, 1 baseball player,1 Civil Rights Leader and three billionaires to the world. Mention of Omaha is incomplete without the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet. So what is the secret of Omaha's success? Is it quality of life? Short commutes to work? Excellent ethics? Decide for yourself by reading the article or better still, by visiting Omaha. Do drop me a line when you visit the city famous for Omaha Steaks.

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