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10 principles of Money Mastery

Thursday, August 04, 2005
This is actually a review of a book that I came across other day. It is a very relevant book for entrepreneurs as well as anyone else who is trying to fight a battle against debt or simply trying to get best value for their dollar. Book is divided in two parts, one is Money Mastery Principles and other is Tax Strategies. I will review this book from entrepreneur's point of view.

If you read the titles of ten chapters, complete Part One can be summarized as "Money is emotional, track it, control it! There is no such thing as savings, To power down your debt, you got to know the rules of the game as the rules are always changing, So always look at the big picture, organize the wealth, understand taxation and put your money in motion".

As reasonable human beings, we know money is important and it should be spent with care, but we being emotional, spend money emotionally. Men spend on Gadgets and cars and women spend on clothes. This book teaches commonsense principles about money. Authors advise to track what you spend and control the emotions and savings is defined as "delayed spending", which is a very interesting concept. An entrepreneur is a family person too. He / she has obligations towards family, pay mortgage and other bills. This book promises to get the reader out of debt, pay off mortgage in nine years or less and teaches how to reduce taxes by 50% legally, using "Power down" method. Authors Alan M. Williams, Peter R.Jeppson and Sanford C. Botkin also conduct "Money Mastery" classes. If you think, this reasonably priced book will help you achieve control over money, buy it from your nearest store or click the link below.

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