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Components of an Effective SBIR/STTR funding proposal

Sunday, July 24, 2005
Your proposal is the first and one of the most important step towards SBIR/STTR Funding. So it better be effective. Today I will write about components of a SBIR/STTR funding proposal.

1. Title - This is self-explanatory, but extremely important.
1.1 Project Summary - Write one page of summary to provide overview of your idea and the project.
1.2 Project Description
1.2.1 Identification and Importance of the Innovation - Identify and explain the significance of your innovation and how it improves existing environment or the current process. No more than 1.5 pages.
1.2.2 Background and Technical Objectives - Describe the background and define technical objectives of your innovation. Upto 3 pages
1.2.3 Research Plan - Details of hardware/software you plan to use for the research. Can be upto 2-3 pages.
1.2.4 Company Information - Describe in a page about your company, its past achievements etc.
1.2.5 Commercial Potential and Feasibility - Provide commercial potential and most important, feasibility of your idea within provided time frame of the project. About 1.5 pages.
1.2.6 Consultants required for the Project - List names and brief resumes of consultants required for the project. 1 or 2 pages.
1.2.7 Overlapping or Equivalent Proposals to other Federal Agencies, if any. - Many a times, two federal agencies may have solicitations which are similar in nature. You may propose to both agencies, but you must mention it on the proposal.
1.3 Cited References - Provide your sources of information, research here.
1.4 Biographical Sketch - List your technical staff, with brief resumes here.
1.5 Budget
1.5.1 Personnel Budget - Provide yearly salary for the required personnel, with their roles clearly defined.
1.5.2 Hardware/Tools Resources Budget - Provide hardware, software and miscellaneous supplies and material costs over here.
1.5.3 Consultant Budget - list Consultant salaries here.
1.5.4 Travel Budget - Amount reserved for travel purposes must be listed here.
Provide justifications for each budget and a work breakdown structure. Try to keep the budgets very close to the funding available for the Phase that you are proposing for. If your budget exceeds the funding available with agencies, provide details about how do you plan to bridge that gap.

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