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BusinessWorks Inc - A Dotcom in making

This blog is intended to stir your entrepreneurial spirit and get going with your own business. It tries to capture day-to-day issues related with a upcoming startup business. If you follow this blog long enough, it may take you from Concept to Wall Street. I invite you to submit your ideas and comments.

"BusinessWorks Blog is a must read for any would-be entrepreneur unaware of the painstaking process of building a business" - FORBES Best of Web

The Power of BusinessWorks is in the way it uses the blog format as an integral part of a process, to solve a business problem. - Small Business Trends PowerBlog Review

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BusinessWorks featured on the Forbes Best of Web List

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Forbes.com, Best of WebMy 15 minutes of fame! BusinessWorks is featured on Forbes.com, Best of Web under the Small Business Blogs category. Read the complete review here.

Lea Goldman of Forbes has pointed out a couple of things, that I definitely need to work on. First is "big gaps between posts". I am guilty as charged. I agree, I was busy developing my other weblog about Business Blog Process Outsourcing. Lea also says "while Keshwani is exceedingly detailed about the nuances of starting a business, where's the heart? You don't get a sense of the blood, sweat and tears involved in the start-up process.". While it is true online, real life is different. Nothing is achieved without blood, sweat and tears.

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  • Congratulations, Harish!


    Posted by Anita Campbell

    at July 31, 2005 11:33 AM  


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