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Tips to Approach Venture Capitalists

Friday, January 21, 2005
This is a continuation of my yesterday's post.

Venture Capitalists are very busy people. It is always a good idea to rehearse your meeting in the privacy of your own office and time yourself while describing salient points about your company. That brings us to first tip:

Be prepared!

It is a well known fact that opportunity knocks once on your door. Make best use of this opportunity, by preparing for the meeting well in advance. If your proposal is rejected due to lack of preparedness or any other reason more than once, your reputation spreads fast in Venture world. Venture capitalists don't hesitate in exchanging notes about the companies.

Present yourself as a Global Player....

Product or services you wish to develop or sell, must be unique and have global appeal. Specialization is essential to get Venture Capitalist interested as it gives your company a niche.

Demonstrate your willingness to risk everything you own....

Your commitment to the project, shows your confidence. For a Venture Capitalist, that is a huge plus in your favour.

Remember, Venture Capitalists are smart individuals....

If you need a million, do not ask for 10. Venture Capitalists can and will, easily spot overestimates. They have various means of finding out.

Then there are other small things, you must remember:

* Wear a conservative suit to the meeting and avoid flashy apparel.
* Demonstrate your frugality by travelling Economy class and in a modest car.
* Use a decent leatherbound cover to present your business plan.

Good Luck in Venture Capital Hunting!
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