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RFID Development Kit Blog

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
This was one of those ideas which I wanted to pursue when I started my Businessworks Blog, that you are currently reading. To do complete justice to a RFID business blog, I needed an actual RFID Development Kit to see the technology in action. I wanted to experiment with RFIDs and explore the problems and find solutions.

My quest for the kit, started from the day I commenced this blog. I did find quite a few kits and all of them were beyond the price I was willing to pay for writing a blog that can do nothing but only benefit the students, entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts and RFID Industry watchers. With this RFID Development Kit, I wanted to do various experiments with RFIDs and present them in easy to understand, layman language. This blog, I hoped would encourage my audience to experiment on their own.

Due to exorbitant cost, I wrote to various RFID companies who make these kits, if they can provide me with a kit for experimentation. Although I am dead against letting Companies control my writing, I was willing to give due credit for providing me a free kit for evaluation. It was a win-win situation for company providing the kit, my readers and me. Company gets free advertising from my writing and readers get to read those experiments and decide their Pilot Vendors and I get to experiment and learn in the process. However, so far I have not received any response from any of these companies.

RFID KitToday I found a kit at Phidgets USA. It comes with one RFID Reader, six 30mm disc RFID Tags, two Credit card sized RFID Tags, two Keyfob RFID Tags and a 6 foot USB cable to connect the kit to a PC. It is well under $100 and within my budget. Phidgets provides you with a software interface and one can write programs in Java, Visual Basic, C-Sharp, C++, Delphi and Labview to experiment with the kit. It is an excellent hobby kit which I might buy and start my "RFID Development Kit BLOG". However, if I have to influence "decision making process" of my readers, I may still need one of those elusive high priced kits to conduct serious experiments. This does not mean, I am trying to undermine Phidgets, I will most likely buy the kit to start my Blog, unless they read this post first and offer me one.
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