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Vendor Neutrality? Is it possible?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004
While we wait for RFID Vendors to respond, let us talk about Vendor neutrality. About couple of months back, UCLA's research wing WINMEC had conducted interesting demonstrations. The idea was to prove that middleware can work with any database, reader, scanner, and tag combination, with specific integration to other enterprise applications coded in on a customized basis. WINMEC experimented with all kinds of readers (UHF, HF, LF) and tags (including EPC 0 and 1, ISO15693, ICODE, and ISO180006B). Success rate was very high in proving the neutrality.

OATsystems is another company that is also working with enterprise application integration (EAI) provider webMethods. Basically data samples, definitions of structures and content and exceptions are given to webMethods and it does the map. So RFID becomes just another data stream or in other words middleware becomes vendor neutral.

There are some exceptions, but it can be generalized that Vendor neutrality is possible. To read this article, click here...
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