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RFID Tribe

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
RFID and Tribe are worlds apart, but RFID Tribe does exist on web and few select cities and is thriving well by deriving it's support from RFID "Warriors", "Braves" and "Chiefs". This tribe is a unique group, which establishes chapters in various cities throughout the world, offers discounted training programs to its members, run electronic forums to collaborate, connect and communicate with other members. Membership is available at various levels, from free to paid, depending on your contribution towards the betterment of the tribe. If you are serious about RFID and want to participate in this technology of future, check on Tribe's website, if there is a "chapter" in your area or become first one to create a "chapter" in your area.

You must be wondering if my focus has shifted from writing about business to reviewing RFID related web sites. It is definitely not the case. I am taking a small break from serious business writing for a while.
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