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RFID Handbook

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Today my quest was to find a technically complete handbook on RFID and I hit a jackpot at RFID-Handbook.com. This book is available in 4 different languages apart from English. The author, Klaus Finkenzeller maintains this resource rich site. This site has RFID related forums, links, downloads which includes a simulation program and an obvious book purchase link. I read a free chapter available on the website and was impressed by the explanations, diagrams and the depth of knowledge, author Klaus Finkenzeller posesses. I went ahead and ordered the book from one of the online book sites. Next I visited the links and that area is a goldmine of resources. About 164 companies related with RFIDs are listed. Other links are categorized as Applications, Middleware, Events, Online resources, Education and Research, Radio Regulations, Standardizations, Publications and News.
12/15/2004 10:11:00 PM :: ::
  • I've read through some of you're postings, though not all. It seems as if you have a genuine desire to build a great business. Although, I'm wondering about you're idea. Aren't RFID tags only for short-range communication? If you are still on the transportation tracking, I'm not sure RFID tags would work, unless they have a large power source, which would make them equivalent to a radio tower. GPS would work for this, but I would ask around and see if it already exists, who your major competition is.

    But you are right, RFID is hot right now, its a great buzzword to throw at investors to make them want more. But another great word is biotech, or healthcare… huge markets. Maybe you have already written you're business plan, but a way to get investors excited and a way to meet a growing market need, is to use RFID in healthcare. Tracking/locating supplies, tracking patient movement, checking to see if anything is left inside a patient, etc. There are a million ways RFID tags can be used, and seeing as healthcare/biotech is the biggest and hottest market right now, maybe you'd have a good chance there. Either way, investors love RFID and they also love healthcare.

    at December 15, 2004 10:38 PM  


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