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Impact of RFID UHF Generation 2 approval

Monday, December 20, 2004
There were some heartwarming news last week about EPCGlobal Inc, a nonprofit organization chartered to drive standards for RFID technology, approved UHF Generation 2 specification. What will be the impact? If you recall my earlier post of market analysis, I had said,

Over 90% of the untapped market is either researching the feasibility of the RFID solutions or "waiting" to see the results of other companies. Biggest impediment is high cost of RFID hardware, software and integration to achieve a fast ROI. Other barrier is lack of industry standards.

This approval can accelerate the decision making process of the undecided companies. Hundreds of pilot tests that were waiting for lack of standards can now be conducted with approved hardware.

I had originally planned to start my vendor evaluation this week, but UHF Gen 2 approval news made me rethink and defer this process. In a day or two I will be sending requests to various vendors to know their plans about UHF Gen 2 approved hardware availability. That will help me to evaluate vendors on basis of approved technology.
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