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Few subtle changes

Sunday, December 26, 2004
Hello All. Welcome back to the blog! I am back, refreshed and rejuvenated with some fresh ideas for my readers. Recently my blog was reviewed by none other than Anita Campbell herself on her Small Businesses Blog under PowerBlog category. Read the review here. Thanks to Anita's review, traffic has increased to my site and I have received lots of reader appreciations about the blog and valuable suggestions. A reader mentioned about Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), which is a complementary technology closely related to RFIDs. This raised my curiosity and I researched few of the sites he had sent me. I ended up subscribing to a M2M Magazine and forming a Google group discussing the merger of these two complementary technologies. Check out the group here. I will be discussing about WSNs in upcoming Posts. Meanwhile, here is a small introduction to WSN:

What are Wireless Sensor Networks? As the name suggests devices are
sensors that can sense changes in temperatures, amount of light and
motion. Unique thing about them is that sensors are Wireless and they
can be a node in a network of Wireless sensors. These sensors can
transmit data to the host, practically without having to make changes
in the existing infrastructure. Sensors can use Bluetooth and Zigbee
technologies to communicate with each other. As with any new
technology, sensor have their shortcomings like..need to change
batteries which last from few weeks to few months, but as the product
matures, these batteries may be replaced or supplemented with solar
panels or non-harmful nuclear energy with low level radiation.

Meanwhile on Vendor responses, I have not received any, either due to holiday season or they do not consider my "virtual" business serious enough. In any case, I will wait for them till New year. In my independent study of RFID vendor, Intermec, I found lots of reading material, complete solutions, case studies in various areas where RFID is being used. If my "virtual" business becomes a real business, my website will be similar in flow as Intermec, without infringing any copyrights.
12/26/2004 07:55:00 PM :: ::
  • Nice job with your blog!

    Wireless sensors presuppose an exciting future.

    I can't wait until we have the "Internet of Things"....

    at December 27, 2004 5:55 PM  


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