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AIM Global

Friday, December 17, 2004
This is the last RFID related website review. Today's site is Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility. This is a truly rich content website dealing with RFID, bar code, biometrics, smart card, Electronic Article Surveillance and card technologies. AIM is a global trade organization of components, networks, systems and service providers whose services include collection and integration of data with information management systems. There are case studies available upon request or you can select one of the vertical markets and view various case studies. Comprehensive Solution Provider evaluation guide is provided on the site to help you make a educated decision in selecting consultants, systems integrator or a value added reseller in RFID and other areas. You can request or propose business opportunities, look for jobs or employees in the career center. Be sure to check out the RFID events in your area in the calendar section.

AIM also has documents for various RFID standard, so read to your heart's content and when you are done reading that, there is a technology-wise Buyer's guide. AIM Global has most exhaustive coverage on the subject of RFID. This is one website you must have on your favorites, if you are interested in RFID.
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