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What next?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004
I have received few e-mails requesting further details about the operations of the company, about the idea I proposed yesterday and about the business plan. I will discuss those things here and more.

Businessworks will target automobile manufacturers, airplane manufacturers, ship manufacturers, transportation companies, package shipping companies to sell complete RFID solutions. As I said in earlier posts, company will not get involved in manufacturing, instead the company will setup ties with RFID and GPS hardware manufacturers and develop "middleware" software in-house.

Although company has access to $1,000,000 as working capital, operational costs and capital requirements will be decided after an elaborate business plan is made. I anticipate 1-2 year time frame for complete solution development.

Immediate tasks on hand are:
  • make a business plan
  • place to conduct business
  • hiring employees
  • buying equipment

So our next step will be to gather some data for the business plan, which we will continue to do tomorrow. Meanwhile here are two interesting RFID websites. One is RFID.org and another is a blog. Both provide excellent coverage of the subject.

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