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Revised Executive Summary

Saturday, November 27, 2004
I would like to thank one of my readers for being alert enough to point out in his/her comment, capital requirements stated in earlier post does not match with numbers stated in the last post. It is good to know, people are participating and reading my blog with interest. This also suggests, creating a Business plan is an iterative process, where you might have to go back frequently and correct the numbers, till you have a plan that can convince a Venture Capitalist and is a realistic and achievable projection of the future. Here is the revised executive summary with capital outlay.

Executive Summary: BusinessWorks Inc intends to be a complete Radio Frequency Identification solution designer/prototyper for a wide range of industry applications. BusinessWorks will create an initial prototype solution for the transportation industry using RFID and GPS systems. Once the prototype is made, it will be marketed to the transportation companies. This solution will be useful for the companies that want to track the progress of their vehicles in the city or nationwide, and conduct path, driver and other analysis based on data gathered from RFID and GPS systems. Unique aspect of BusinessWorks solution will be ability to provide complete analysis of data gathered from RFIDs and GPS and plotting of vehicle location in real time on the maps for tracking purposes.

In addition to the transportation solution, BusinessWorks will develop solutions to cater healthcare and retail segments. Businessworks will leverage their competitive advantages of skills and expertise of technically inclined management team to gain reasonable market share. BusinessWorks initial outlay of capital is 4.5 million dollars for the first two years of operations. Profitability is expected to be reached by the fourth year and is projected to bring in one million dollars of profit.
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