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This blog is intended to stir your entrepreneurial spirit and get going with your own business. It tries to capture day-to-day issues related with a upcoming startup business. If you follow this blog long enough, it may take you from Concept to Wall Street. I invite you to submit your ideas and comments.

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November 29: Carnival of Capitalists

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
This wonderful event takes place every week and fellow bloggers host it. I will be hosting "Carnival of Capitalists" in the week of May 23rd, 2005. That is a long long time from now. Meanwhile you can enjoy it on Lachlan Gemmell's blog. Overall, it was wonderful reading, but my personal favourites were Ankesh Kothari's reducing risks when starting a new business, then an encouraging inverview of a small business expert Andy Birol by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends about why US Presidential Election does not matter for small businesses.. Then there is an excellent leadership article by Steve Rucinski of Small Business CEO. There are too many to list here. Why not visit Lachlan's site and enjoy all the fine articles yourself. Oh by the way you can become a proud host for Carnival of Capitalists by visiting this Website.
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