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The Competition

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Generally, with newer technologies, competition is practically non existent or there is enough room for everyone to expand and piece of the pie. Although RFID seems to be no exception, competition is closer than it appears to be. RFID services will sooner or later face same challenges that IT industry is facing. Outsourcing companies are already planning to enter the world of RFID in big way. Recent article in Optimize magazine states, two Bangalore, India based technology based service companies intend to become experts in RFID.

There are always two ways to deal with the competition. One is to face it and fight it and other is to create a niche for yourself and eliminate the competition. We will try to create a niche for ourselves by combining two technologies, RFID and GPS to come out successful in competition.

Even though few companies are trying to come up with canned software for handling RFID tasks, I am sure demand for the custom software and integrated solution providers will not subside. Canned software can reduce the cost of software, but due to reduced flexibility, implementation becomes more costlier, thus wiping out cost advantages.
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