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Business Plan - Company Description

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
If Venture Capitalist has gone past the page of Executive Summary, then you have good chances, that your venture will be financed. One must fortify the success of Executive summary with a balanced Company Description and that is what we will attempt to do in next few paragraphs.

Describing one's own company fairly can be a daunting task, when one has to curb the use of superlatives and at the same time not to undersell it. Best approach is to state hard facts and be straightforward.

Company Description: BusinessWorks Inc was born in September 2004 with an intention of conducting business by developing and selling state of art RFID based solutions for various industry segments. The Company will be managed by the team of top-notch engineers and MBAs. Initially, BusinessWorks plans to develop a working prototype and market it to Transportation industry. This prototype will provide tracking via RFID chips and GPS modules. Tracking data can be analysed by using the Company's software. Businessworks expects to be a profitable in a short span of three years. This will be achieved with the help of aggressive development programs. Financing needs of the company are modest, which can be financed in two phases.

[Here we can include brief resumes of the management team and attach detailed resumes in appendix]
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