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BusinessWorks Inc - A Dotcom in making

This blog is intended to stir your entrepreneurial spirit and get going with your own business. It tries to capture day-to-day issues related with a upcoming startup business. If you follow this blog long enough, it may take you from Concept to Wall Street. I invite you to submit your ideas and comments.

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The Power of BusinessWorks is in the way it uses the blog format as an integral part of a process, to solve a business problem. - Small Business Trends PowerBlog Review

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Special Thanks!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
I would like to take this opportunity to thank two individuals, who were kind enough to review my blog site and provide me encouragement by including my link on their respective websites.

1. Future Paradigm - Alexander manages this website where "visitors meets visionaries". This website has always been my source to read interesting news, which I never get to read in any newspaper. I would compare this site to Slashdot in terms of unique content it carries. Thanks Alex for great job.

2. Business Opportunities Weblog - When our dotcom company, Businessworks Inc. is up and running, I will be looking up to this website for providing unlimited resources that will help the company with tax tips and fresh ideas. Let me say this, my weblog will present the day-to-day working of the business and issues faced and Dane's website will provide solutions to many of those issues. Keep it up Dane!
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