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RFID - Talent Availability

Sunday, October 24, 2004
As discussed in my earlier posts, if we decide for RFID, we will not manufacture RFID chips but
instead, we will develop solutions around RFID chips, using "middleware" software. Big names like IBM, Microsoft, Sun, SAS, SAP are either in process of providing development environment or out-of-the-box solutions for RFID. I want to concentrate on the niche market of bringing all the tools together and providing complete solutions that are most profitable for the industry.

I always had concerns about long term commitments from the employees. RFID reduces that concern, as RFID solution development cycle are in reasonable time frame. Shorter development times, coupled with good bit of talent is an encouraging enough to get involved with this technology.

Another bit of news that gives me comfort is about Walmart. The Information Systems Division of Walmart plans to manage the work from programming to process reengineering, relying very little on commercial software and not at all on outsourcing. Their programmers have built intelligent RFID middleware to handle the influx of data to be generated as the first wave of 100-plus suppliers that begins to send RFID-tagged cases and pallets of products through the doors of Wal-Mart's Sanger, Texas, distribution center in near future.

The comforting part is Wal-Mart's reputation for designing applications and working with new technology acts as a powerful recruiting tool, drawing 95% of new IT employees to its Bentonville, Ark., headquarters from outside the state. And many of those who come to work for Wal-Mart's Information Systems Division stay for a long time. The executives in charge of key operations, including the company's data warehouse, its human-resources systems, and its international systems, each count a decade or more of experience with Wal-Mart.

We will discuss Funding opportunities tomorrow.
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