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RFID Summary

Friday, October 29, 2004
Here is our final summary of three technologies. I will keep the poll up for my readers to vote, for couple of days. Then based upon the comparison given here and votes received, we will take calculated leap of faith.

Almost all ideas controversial as it involves modifying nature
Great Ideas, but long development times
Many potential ideas with shorter development times
Abundance of Talent, but retaining that talent can be an
Shortage of talent and lots of turnover
Reasonable availability of talent and shorter development times eliminate fear of turnover
Venture Capital is hard to come, due to long product development times
Being a glamorous technology, Funding is easier to get, inspite of longer product development time
Two-thirds of funding coming to IT area suggests funding is relatively easy to find
Strict Regulations and lots of them
Still in infancy stage. Company has chance to formulate them in co-operation with Government
Early Privacy concerns have paved the way for proper regulations
Great returns (50%) but longer product development times (up to
10 years)
Potential of great returns but much longer product development times (up to 15 years)
Great returns due to need of middle ware. Shorter ROI times
Social, Economic and Political Factors can adversely affect profitability especially in Biotech
Not much of immediate concern
Privacy violation is one of the biggest concern, easily addressed by avoiding consumer business segment
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