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RFID - Socio-Economic Factors

Thursday, October 28, 2004
Firstly, I would like to acknowledge receipt of ideas from two of my readers. Coincidently both ideas deal with RFID based solutions. I will briefly outline the ideas here and then discuss Socio-economic factors with those ideas in perspective:

Idea 1: This one is to convince state governments to embed RFID Tags in License Plates, given for the vehicles when property taxes are paid. Next step is to install RFID readers (which are GPS capable), at strategic locations for tracking the vehicles. Usage by various government agencies to track vehicles.

Idea 2: Providing tracking facilities to transportation industry using combination of RFID tags, WI-FI and GPS capable readers which will help companies to track efficiency of drivers, optimization of routes and improving delivery times.

There are many social factors in implementing RFID solutions. Let us consider first idea, which involves embedding RFID tags in vehicle license plates, will be a big privacy concern. Although idea is great, we respect the privacy of consumers.

In other cases, RFID has proved very useful in Legoland, practically eliminating possibility of lost children. Usage of RFID tags as legbands in poultry and pigs has proved useful in tracking them.

Second idea seems more feasible as it deals with commercial vehicles and is worth considering. Economically it seems a very sound idea, with lots of scope to provide middleware support. In any case, I would like to thank both readers for submitting wonderful ideas and would encourage other readers to submit more ideas to make this blog a lively and vibrant community.

I would also like to mention couple of things here. I have put up a poll to vote for your favorite technology. Two, please feel free to contact me using the Contact me link or submit your ideas using the Submit link.
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