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RFID - Return vs Effort

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
For a Customer, who is RFID hardware and software consumer, bulk of the return will come from intelligent use of the RFID-generated data and that will happen with the use of middleware. This will equate to excellent return for middleware solution provider company.

Next, let us consider areas where middleware will be essential. This will help define streams which will provide good returns to us as a business.

  1. Ideally RFID hardware consists of Readers and RFID chips. Middleware can help coordination of these two components by configuring, monitor, implement and issue commands directly to readers.
  2. Middleware can achieve filtering and smoothing of Data which is very essential to separate redundant and duplicate data.
  3. What good is the data if it cannot be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) or supply chain management (SCM) or customer Relationship management (CRM) systems? Middleware makes this integration possible.
  4. Middleware makes Monitoring and Triggering of events in another part of the process based on data received from RFID tags possible.
Although RFID tags has existed for many years, concept of analyzing, filtering, controlling and integrating data from RFID with various systems is relatively new. It will provide a niche position for a company entering early in this race.

Next we will explore socio-economic factors associated with RFID.
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  • I appreciate the depth of your knowledge. I would love to be part of this project and share some ideas, which I will submit shortly through your submit link.

    at October 28, 2004 11:35 AM  
  • I would love to be a part of this project and would like to contribute with a RFID idea. Check your e-mail in a little while. Great Job!

    at October 28, 2004 5:39 PM  
  • though many existing ent app firms realized it late, rfid data handling will be very critical and guys are going good on this front.

    the latest report (no other report after this) on rfid middleware by Forrester http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/1106/1/1/ this gives a good hang of middleware requirements - surendra k

    at January 28, 2005 1:01 AM  
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