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RFID - Idea Viability

Saturday, October 23, 2004
We are onto the last technology in our comparison. Here we will be discussing Radio Frequency IDentification based solutions - Idea viability. As in computers, Hardware is becoming cheaper every day, whereas custom software that make these computers useful, remains premium cost component of complete computer solution. RFID solutions seems to be following the same path. RFID chips are racing to 10 cent price tag, whereas the software (also called middleware) is one of the major cost component of the RFID solution.

So is the idea viable? With big names like WalMart and Albertsons entering the race to "RFID-ize" their warehouses and stores, other big retailers will soon join in. Timing seems just right to latch on to this idea and be ready to provide RFID solutions to retailers. However, we will try not to restrict ourselves to just retailers. The scope of RFID solutions extend beyond retailers. After we evaluate RFID solutions completely and if we decide to go for this technology, we will discuss the ultimate flagship product and/or services that BusinessWorks will offer.

Biggest difference between Biotechnology, nanotechnology and RFID based solutions is the availability of RFID technology with a middleware development lead time of 6-24 months which is much shorter than rest of the technologies.

We respect the privacy concern, which people have concerning the RFID chips. If we select this technology, we will try to restrict our solutions in the areas of following:
  • Supply Chain Pallets and Cases
  • Asset Management
  • Real Time Location Systems
  • Pharmaceutical and Retail Smart Shelving
  • Mobile commerce

Next we will discuss talent availability to develop the RFID solutions

10/23/2004 08:18:00 PM :: ::
  • any good idea besides this?
    all these require broad range of expertise 

    Posted by seankuay

    at November 24, 2006 4:51 AM  


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