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RFID - Federal Regulations

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
RFID, besides being a very exciting technology, unfortunately can also be a very privacy invading technology. Every time a company decides to start-up a RFID based company, privacy concerns are raised.

However good news is around the corner, Federal Trade Commission has laid out the blueprints of agency's dominion over RFID and will soon establish guidelines on RFID usage. Some very essential steps will be taken to monitor usage of item-level tagging after studying the consequences on consumers and address privacy concerns.

Item-level tagging can happen when a RFID tag is attached to an item instead of whole pallet in a warehouse. If item is tagged, leaves the warehouse and reaches home of a consumer and consumer is unaware of it, then it becomes a privacy concern.

If we decide to go with this technology, we will respect the privacy of consumers and will develop software solution around RFID, which will be used in areas where privacy is not violated.

Next we will discuss RFID's Return vs Effort.
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