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Pros & Cons - Biotechnology - Talent Availability

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Before we begin, my heartiest congratulations to Irwin A. "Ernie" Rose for co-winning Nobel prize in Chemistry along with 2 Israeli scientists. They demonstrated how human body cells are capable of marking protein for elimination, which is important for cell division and fixing DNA.

Back to our discussion of Talent availability in Biotechnology area. I researched various job sites and career related sites specific to Biotechnology. A wide variety of jobs are available and so is the talent.

A typical Biotechnology company would need Biologists, Biostatisticians, Chemists, Clinical Data Manager, Clinical Programmers, Clinical Research Associates, Drug Safety Specialists, Clinical Supply Manager, Medical Writers, Medical Director, Microbiologists, Pathologists, Process Engineers, Toxicologists, Quality Assurance & Control Analysts, Validation Engineers and Regulatory Affairs Specialists. I wont try to describe each job here, but it is lot of talent we are talking about here.

Biotechnology is such a field where it takes years to arrive at a solution, as it is research based. It is very essential, employees are committed and turnover is kept to minimum. Failing which, it can affect the productivity, ultimately profitability of the company. Normally this is true in any type of business, but in the field of Biotechnology, employee turnover can render years of research useless.

Tomorrow we will discuss about Funding opportunities.
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