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Pros & Cons - Biotechnology - Funding Opportunities

Thursday, October 07, 2004
"Only a fool tests the depth of water with both feet" - African Proverb

A simple search on Google for Venture Capital Funding reveals tonnes of Fund providers ready to provide you Billions of Dollars! So what are the pros and cons of financing this way? Let me provide you a scenario first.

Pre-financing: You own 100% of the company and you are the President of the company. You can pursue whatever stream of biotechnology you have decided, but you are running short on funds. You had to worry for each and every department of the company.
Post-Financing: You now own less than 50% of your company and maybe you are not the President of the company. You can continue pursuing the stream of biotechnology you have decided but with a little "focus shift". However you no longer have tensions of fund availability. Your staff hiring, managing PR activities and legal issues are handled by the Venture Capital firm.

It is not as gloomy as you may think. You get to do, what you do best i.e. Research, Design, Management. Your time is not wasted on trivial issues.

After 90's dotcom boom and bust, Venture capital is little hard to come, unless you have a really exciting project. Paperwork to prove your case has increased too.

There is another, rather unexplored area of funding which I will discuss in detail, when I discuss pros and cons for other technologies. Tomorrow I will tackle the topic of Government regulations in Biotechnology
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