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Pros & Cons - Biotechnology - Federal Regulations

Sunday, October 10, 2004
Enshrine your principles in constitutions, codify your common sense in laws, and leave the rest to regulation - Nicholos Garden

In absence of Regulations, laws and rules, one can easily create monster very hard to manage and our government does a good job in creating and implementing them. It is another matter that sometimes those laws sound monstrous themselves.

Biotechnology is no exception. When it comes to regulations, biotech has lots of them and we do need them. When you are in business of modifying nature and its rules, you most certainly need regulations to ensure safety. Concerns are always raised as to whether products resulting from the recently developed techniques would pose greater risks than those achieved through traditional techniques. For example, what might be the possible environmental consequences of the many anticipated agricultural and environmental applications that will take place outside the physical constraints of a contained facility? Read further.

Personally, I have no complaints about the regulations. However, as a startup company, I may not want to deal with them, if there are one too many.

Our next discussion would be on Returns v/s Efforts.
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