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Nanotechnology - Talent Availability

Friday, October 15, 2004
"Science is not done in a vacuum. Lots of support employees are needed in high-tech industries - from project managers to attorneys and marketing specialists" - Levine

Nanotechnology is a very glamorous technology, so are the jobs related to it. Now add the lure from funds rich large companies, federal institutions and universities. You get a market with a shortage of Nanotechnologists! About two years ago, Jason M. Finkelstein, partner of New-York based Glocap Tech LLC underscored the talent shortage in an interview, and that situation has not changed much so far.

As I said in my earlier post, for a start-up technology company, reliable employees with strong long term commitment are essential. Of course there are ways of retaining employees like stock options and other retainers. Fear of losing employees maybe considered as a part of day-to-day issues in a normal established company, but we are trying to build a Technology startup company where we cannot afford to lose people.

Tomorrow I will discuss funding opportunities for nanotechnology.
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