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Nanotechnology - Return vs Effort

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Before we discuss Nanotechnology's Return vs Effort, let me take you to the Golden days of Dotcom, when Hype was the king! Any and every internet related idea was a money maker. If you were a smart investor in Dotcom companies and cashed out before the Dotcom bubble burst, you were lucky, otherwise you lost your shirt.

There are distinct lessons learnt from Dotcom bust, by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, stock market investors and government. However we have a short memory, and we tend to forget these lessons. Nanotech has that potential of becoming that "Hype-monger". As I mentioned in my earlier post, venture capital funding in nanotechnology is on the borderline of being "casually optimistic". When experts predict Nanotechnology will be a household name by 2020, what kind of returns can we expect?

I have no doubts about the potential of Nanotechnology in generating phenomenal returns, but I am certainly worried about the time frame in which I can realize those returns.
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