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Nanotechnology - Federal Regulations

Monday, October 18, 2004
Nanotechnology is a fledgling technology waiting to take off. Federal regulations do exist in certain areas but some areas are practically bereft of them. When you deal with almost invisible atoms and molecules and especially when you are modifying them, results can be unstable and/or unpredictable. Given this uncertainty and lack of regulations, it is important that companies working with nano-sized materials step up and begin developing strategies for defining the potential risks associated with the technology, devising the means to mitigate these risks and, most importantly, effectively communicating this information to government agencies and the public.

If we select Nanotechnology, we will have to explore ways to maximize the potential of the technology, while minimizing risks to workers, the environment and our bottom line. This task has its own pros and cons. While formulating regulations with Government can be exciting, it can be a big headache in this country of highest lawyers per capita.
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