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Brainstorming - Biotechnology Discussion

Saturday, October 02, 2004
I received first serious comment today about RFID discussion. This person was concerned about privacy issues related with RFID. I understand his/her concern, but whether we go for RFID based business or not, RFIDs will be everywhere pretty soon. Please read the comments under RFID discussion.

Biotechnology in today's world has increasingly important role to play due to imbalance of populations in various countries of the world. Biotechnology (or Biotech) is a research and implementation effort that is generating new knowledge of plant and animal genomics and advancing development of agricultural and agriculture based products.

If you wish to check out a sample research in Biotech, knock yourself out by reading about Agrobacterium Tumefaciens. Two major roadblocks in starting a Biotech startup are finding a Venture capitalist to fund it and increasing competition from Public sector in terms of research.

Next we will compare pros and cons of all three technologies we have discussed so far and pick one that is most suitable for us.
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