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Brainstorming - Nanotechnology Discussion

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential debate took much of my productive time, but I did not get any clear message, how and when war will end. Nevertheless, our goal is different. Lets talk about Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology has everything to do with the research of materials that are 1000 nanometers or less. Nanotechnology has existed in nature for a long period of time. For example when nature re-arranges atoms in carbon, we get diamonds or re-arranging sand atoms gives us silicon chips.

Challenge is to take this Nanotechnology to manufacturing processes, pharmaceuticals and radically change the properties of our day-to-day things, medicines to work for us more efficiently end effectively than ever.

As exciting this technology is, equally unpredictable is the time frame to achieve the desired results. Some scientists and researchers predict year 2020, when nanotechnology will begin to mature.

Nanoindustries is an excellent resource, if you wish to further explore Nanotechnology. Next on our list is Biotechnology. Then I plan to discuss pros and cons of each technology from our perspective and select most viable one, out of three technologies.

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